Program Services

Our Program recognizes how diverse our undocumented community is and the importance of targeting the academic and personal needs of all of our students.  Below you will find a list of the services that we currently offer to ensure your success in class and continue your progress towards your final goal.


Bachelor level mentors provide guidance, support and share first-hand experiences.  Meet with students regularly to provide support in academic, career and personal goals.  Make referrals as necessary.

Academic Advising

Students meet with a counselor to discuss academic goals, plan courses and review progress.  The counselor assist students on major selection, transfer planning and career decision making.

Annual Spring Conference at FC

The Grads to Be Program will be hosting its 2nd Annual conference open to students, staff, faculty and the community from FC and surrounding educational institutions.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Opportunities

In collaboration with the Financial Aid Office

Information on the CA Dream Act and scholarships available for undocumented students.


Various student selected topics that promote personal and professional growth (i.e. leadership skills, stress management, life skills, civic engagement & self care, DACA, etc…) are presented by program and college staff.

Speaker Series

Field experts (i.e. immigration, resources, rights, psychosocial stressors) are invited to attend FC to discuss the latest information related to undocumented students.

Networking Activities

Meet and greet events with peers, faculty, staff and community leaders of different institutions to strengthen a supportive network.

Tutoring Services

In collaboration with the Skills/Tutoring Center

Referrals to tutoring services and follow-up.

Information Sessions for Staff and Faculty

Provide the FC community with additional tools in gaining a greater understanding the life experience of undocumented students, their resiliency and strengthening the supportive network.