Become an UndocuAlly


G2B offers ally trainings for faculty, staff, students, and those who are interested in learning more about our undocumented student population on campus. Through these trainings G2B staff aims to inform and educate the campus community on how to best support undocumented students. We do so for the purpose of fostering an inclusive campus for all students regardless of their immigration status. Please contact Julio Reyes Cabezas via jreyescabezas@fullcoll.edu if you have any questions or would like to learn more. 


UndocuAlly Series

(Topics may be subject to change)

Level 1: Foundational Knowledge
  • Level 1 of the UndocuAlly Training will focus on the foundations of the Undocumented Community. Participants will:
    1. Understand the importance of this training
    2. Unpack the Undocumented Community by learning about important key terms and experiences
    3. Demystify and dismantle the DREAMer Narrative 
    4. Get informed about undocumented student state legislation 
    5. Learn about the Grads to Be Program
Level 2: Becoming an UndocuAlly
  • Level 2 of the UndocuAlly Training will focus on how to become an UndocuAlly. Participants will:
    1. Learn how an UndocuAlly is defined
    2. Understand some of the pitfalls and best practices to practice Allyship
    3. Know how to support students if they disclose their undocumented status.
    4. Get informed about other resources available to students apart from the Grads to Be Program.
Level 3: Practicing Allyship
  •  Level 3 of the UndocuAlly Training will focus on activating participants as UndocuAllies by informing them about opportunities available to support the undocumented community.
    1. Unpack the rights undocumented students posses despite their undocumented status.
    2. Learn the process of filing an incident report if an undocumented discloses an uncomfortable situation due to their immigration status.
    3. Get informed about opportunities one can take to support students and the movement.
    4. Participate in scenarios that includes helping an undocumented student undergoing a hardship or crisis.
    5. Reflect on their journey on becoming an UndocuAlly and provide suggestions on how to make Fullerton College a more inclusive environment for our undocumented students.
Special Topics Presentations

Advising Students with Different Undocumented Statuses

  • This workshop will explore the different types of undocumented students that attend Fullerton College. We have students who have access to DACA, AB540, both, or neither. Additionally, we aim to highlight the differences between the traditional vs. nontraditional undocumented student academic trajectories.

Enrollment Steps for Undocumented Students

  • This workshop will highlight the hidden curriculum on the enrollment and matriculation process for undocumented students when it comes to applying to Fullerton College. We will guide educators through the process of filling out forms such as the CA Community College Apply application, Non-Resident Tuition Exemption Form (AB540 Form), and the CA Dream Act application.

Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset within our Undocumented Students

  • Given that some members of the undocumented community do not have access to work. This presentation is geared to introduce participants to what it means to be entrepreneurs. As well as to inform them about resources they can share with non-DACAmented individuals.

Trauma-Informed Best Practices when working with Undocumented Students

  • This workshop will highlight the mental health concerns that arise within our undocumented students. It will also cover coping strategies, resources, and opportunities that we can share with students as forms of interventions for their overall well-being.

UndocuPeer Training

  • This workshop will be facilitated by our program assistant along with student leaders to provide a space for other students to learn about the undocumented community, share experiences, and inform one another about resources.

UndocuTransfer Workshop

  • Grads to Be in collaboration with the Transfer Center will facilitate this workshop with an aim to highlight the hidden curriculum on the UndocuTransfer experience. As well as inform participants of the processes and resources available to create a transfer sending culture within the undocumented student population.

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Grads to Be Program Disclaimer

The Grads to Be Program staff at Fullerton College is committed to supporting undocumented students and have a passion for social justice. We hope that the information provided by our team will give you a better understanding about certain policies and how they affect undocumented students and their families. However, this information is intended for informational purposes only and should NOT substitute legal advice from a licensed attorney.

We have compiled information from different legal sources, however we encourage you to seek legal advice for your own case as each situation requires analysis from multiple perspectives.

Although we try to be as timely and accurate as possible, immigration laws are constantly evolving. A licensed attorney can determine if there have been any recent changes to immigration policies or laws that may affect you.

The Grads to Be Program assumes no liability for the use or interpretation of information contained herein. The information is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. Lastly, please be aware that the Grads to Be Program nor the use of legal information provided by the program creates an attorney-client relationship.