Undocumented student club

FC United

Fullerton College (FC) United is the undocumented student club on campus. 

Mission & Vision

Fullerton College United is designed towards helping Undocumented Students and Informing Allies. We bring forth services such as Academic, Financial, and Legal guidance. We provide a safe place where everyone can express solidarity. Unlike other services on campus, Fullerton College United Is student-run and provides peer support. We strive to empower undocumented students through both unity and education. We recognize It is not easy for students to come out about their status, so we maintain the utmost privacy In our Intimate gatherings to ensure comfortability with students

How to get involved

Unlike other clubs on campus that focus on fundraising and membership expansion, Fullerton College United Is heavily Involved In activism and is extremely family-oriented. We want our peers to feel like family because we are a family. We look out for each other. Of course, our club Is here to support you, so missing meetings because of family duties, work, or school Is okay! You come first, and If you need us, we are always here. The steps to get Involved are really easy, and there are no membership fees.

  • Attend the first FC United Meeting
    • Our first meeting Is important because you get to introduce yourself to the family and share your story!
  • Continue Attending Meetings
    • Each year, we tackle many different Issues, so attending meetings Is Important to keep In the loop!
  • Bring awareness!
    • Communicate with your peers and share with friends who you think could benefit! We want to be inclusive to all students!

Connect with FC United!

Email: fullertoncollegeunited@gmail.com

Instagram Handle: @fullerton_college_united

Officer Positions for the 2020-21 Year

  • Assist the secretary in the preparation of an agenda for each meeting.
  • Call special meetings when necessary.
  • Have the right, but not the duty, to serve as ​executive officer​ member of all committees.
  • Have the right to form and dissolve temporary committees for execution of Fullerton
  • College United with majority approval of the voting members.
  • Perform other duties applicable to the Office of Chair.
  • Inspire club spirit
  • Write thank you letter whenever needed under the direction of the other board members
  • Check emails
  • Keep contact information of all active Fullerton College United members.
  • Make sure that all members have met the minimum meeting requirements (50% of the meetings).
  • Be responsible for taking attendance.
  • Record and publish minutes of all meetings.
  • Write thank you letters whenever needed under the direction of the other board members.
  • Have the right, but not the duty, to serve as ​executive officer​ member of all committees.
  • Check Email


  • Deposit and withdraw money from Fullerton College United account under the direction of the board.
  • Keep an accurate record of all money transactions.
  • Pay bills for Fullerton College United
  • Maintain the board informed on the financial status of the Fullerton College United bank account.
  • Have the right, but not the duty, to serve as ​executive officer​ member of all committees.
  • Money expenses MUST be approved by club members (by voting)
  • Fill out requisition forms as needed with aid from the other board members
Outreach Director
  • Design banners and flyers to announce upcoming meetings and events.
  • Promote awareness of Fullerton College United through class announcement sheets.
  • Head of publicity
  • Maintain a Fullerton College United website.
  • Check emails/DMs

FC United Advisor

Aline Gregorio (She/Her/Hers)

Aline Gregorio (She/Her/Hers)

Instructor, Geography – Social Sciences

Email: agregorio@fullcoll.edu | Office Number: 714-992-7537

Location: 1425-01

Fun Fact: I used to surf without knowing how to swim. When I decided to learn to swim as a sophomore in high school, it was water polo season, so I joined the water polo team and ended up making the varsity team. I never played water polo again but became a swim teacher through college.