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Campus Closure Due to COVID-19

For the most up-to-date information on the campus closure, please visit: 

Supreme Court Ruling on DACA

Please visit our Instagram Page @G2BFullColl for our full statement on the Supreme Court’s Ruling on DACA. We will continue posting resources and information to support and stand for undocumented, DACAmented, and non-DACAmented students on our social media platforms.

CA College Student Emergency Support Fund in Response to COVID-19

Apply for the CA Dream Act

The March 2nd deadline has passed, however you can still apply.  Click here for more information!


The Grads to Be Program supports undocumented students and students with mixed status families by providing resources and services geared towards enhancing and supporting their academic journey and personal well-being.  The program fosters a supportive and inclusive campus community, which is essential to the growth of all students, regardless of their status.

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Grads To Be Services

Greetings Hornets,

You can book an appointment with either our G2B academic counselor for academic help or our staff for college navigation help as an undocumented student and referrals by calling (714) 992 -7105 or by submitting an inquiry below.

If no one answers please leave a detailed voicemail with your name, phone number, and reason for calling. 

– G2B Team

Greetings Hornets, 

In collaboration with the Public Law Center, we offer legal aid services to undocumented students, their families, and community members throughout the semester. Through these appointments, students get help solely with immigration cases that include DACA renewals, exploration of adjustment of status, and more. Additionally, we offer legal workshops such as Know Your Rights to inform our community of the necessary procedure to take if they were to have an encounter with ICE. Check out our upcoming events for our legal services opportunities.

-G2B Team

Our undocumented community faces many challenges, one of which includes financial challenges, consequently, G2B works diligently every semester to provide supply cards for groceries or books. Currently, due to the rise of cases with COVID-19 in CA, we are addressing this service with caution to not put anyone at risk and are taking an indefinite hiatus from providing this resource until further notice. To qualify for this service, you must be enrolled in the Grads to Be Canvas Resource Page. You can do so by clicking on our flyer on this page.

-G2B Team

Greetings NOCCCD Community,

As part of our mission to foster an inclusive environment for all students on campus. G2B aims to educate the district community about the undocumented community through an UndocuAlly series workshop. By doing so we aim to activate educators across the district to better understand the undocumented student experience and support our undocumented students. We will be providing opportunities to educate ourselves on this subject matter throughout the academic year. Keep a lookout on our upcoming events for more information.

-G2B Team

Greetings Hornets,

G2B is excited to provide events and workshops throughout the academic year to better inform students about resources and opportunities while encouraging participants to network and build community. Please check out our upcoming events for more information.

-G2B Team

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Grads to Be Program Disclaimer

The Grads to Be Program staff at Fullerton College are committed to supporting undocumented students and have a passion for social justice. We hope that the information provided by our team will give you a better understanding about certain policies and how they affect undocumented students and their families. However, this information is intended for informational purposes only and should NOT substitute legal advice from a licensed attorney.

We have compiled information from different legal sources, however we encourage you to seek legal advice for your own case as each situation requires analysis from multiple  perspectives.

Although we try to be as timely and accurate as possible, immigration laws are constantly evolving. A licensed attorney can determine if there have been any recent changes to immigration policies or laws that may affect you.

 The Grads to Be Program assumes no liability for the use or interpretation of information contained herein. The information is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. Lastly, please be aware that the Grads to Be Program nor the use of legal information provided by the program creates an attorney-client relationship.